PRO Digi Contest

PDC_MEM.udc is for use by Members of any Digi Club if they want to participate in category M.
PDC_NM.udc  is for use by non-club members. They can participate in the other categories.

Place the udc file required in ....Users\username\(My )Documents\N1MM Logger+\UserDefinedContests  folder.

During the contest, log '/M' in the 'ClubMembers'  Field to gain bonus points.

After the contest, for a more accurate claimed score, count the number of Mults with your DXCC Country,
subtract from total mults and multiply with qso points shown in the Score Window.

Use a text editor to remove spaces between Serial Numbers and  /M
(use 'Find and Replace'....Find  '  /M'(2spaces/M)  Replace with  (no spaces)'/M').