PRO CW CONTEST (PCC)  2020                                                                                     
                                                          19th edition                                      
                                                RULES SUMMARY

                                  start : December 5,  12:00 UTC 

                                     end: December 6,  11:59 UTC
                                bands: 80/40/20/15/10m
                               modes: CW
                         categories: SO-HP, SO-LP, SO-QRP
                                             SO10, SO15, SO20, SO40, SO80
                      reports nonmembers: RST + QSO number (E.g. 599 001)
                      report members: RST + QSO number/M (members of any CW-club) (E.g. 599 001/M)                         
                              scoring: 1p for QSO with own DXCC
                                             2p for QSO with another DXCC
                                             2p bonus for a non-member in the case of a QSO with a member
                                             6p bonus for QSO between two members                                               
                         multipliers: different prefix on each band, except all prefix from own DXCC
                               Logs deadline: Saturday, December 12 at 23:59 UTC at
                                       preliminary scores:  Sunday, December 13 up to 10:00 UTC
                            Contestations are accepted only Sunday, December 13 until 23:59 UTC
                                              official results: Monday, December 14.
                                                              -------- ******* ---------

                                             Organized by PRO-CW-CLUB, Romania
 1. Object
Contact and exchange QSO information with as many stations as possible.
     Any station may work any other station once per band.

    To give the possibility to obtain the awards of PRO-CW-Club.

  2. Contest Period
First full weekend in December, Starts Saturday 12:00 UTC, ends Sunday 11:59 UTC. (24 hours)

  3. Mode
Only CW                      

4. Benzi
     10, 15, 20, 40 si 80m
( 28,010-28,060; 21,010-21,060; 14,010-14,060; 7,010-7,040; 3,510-3,560).
- it is allowed to transmit only one signal at any given time;

  5. Contest call
    "TEST PCC" or "CQ PCC"
  6. Entry Categories

   SO-HP     = Single Operator, All bands, Single TX, High Power, ( exceeding 100 W ).
     Competitors in category SO-HP can participate in two categories, one being SOSB.
   SO-LP     = Single Operator, All bands, Single TX, Low Power, ( up to 100 W ).
     Competitors in category SO-LP can participate in two categories, one being SOSB.

   SO-QRP  = Single Operator, All bands, Single TX, QRP, ( max. 5W out power and Callsign/QRP ).
     Competitors in category SO-QRP can participate in two categories,
one being SOSB.

   SOSB      = Single Operator Single Band : SO10, SO15, SO20, SO40, SO80 any authorized power.
     Competitors in categories SOSB can participate in two categories.
Single-band entries are permitted to operate on other bands. Only QSOs on the claimed category-band give points.
   MO          = All club stations and teams, (regardless of the number of operators) single TX, All band only, any authorized power.
    Clubs and teams may participate only in the MO category. With a club callsign you can not participate in SO categories.

    MO station must remain the same band at least 10 minutes when they make the contact on that band (RUNNING station).

    M            =
members of any CW club, All bands only, Single TX, any authorized power (including members using QRP).
   They can participate in each category but if they participate in category M in the Cabrillo log will specify the name of the CW Club
   of which they belong and will transmit the control /M (E.g 599 001/M).
If you transmit the control in this form, only participate in the category M.
   The members of the CW-clubs can participate in non-members
categories but in this case they will not transmite the abbreviation /M.

   SWL              = Short Wave Listeners, All bands
Logs of SWL will contain the report received from both stations and may contain up to 3 times the same call in a band.                   
Regardless of the number of categories of participation, please send only one Cabrillo log. 
   SO station can change bands at any time.
MO station must remain the same band at least 10 minutes when they make the contact
   on that band (RUNNING station).

   All SO category entrants must clearly indicate the category power in the Cabrillo log. If no power category is mentioned in the log

  and there are QSO's in several bands, the competitors will be automatically moved to SO-HP category.
For Trophy and Grand Trophy are is taken into account the log with the highest score and if both logs are SOSB categories,
   score totals are provided to exceed 50.000 points

  7. Contest Exchange
   Non members should send RST report + serial number, starting with 001 for the first contact. E.g. 599 001

   Members of any CW club, send RST + serial number/M      E.g 599 001/M .
   In the Cabrillo log please use following syntax : 599 001/M. (
no space betwen control and abbreviation /M)
  8. Scoring   
  QSO Points: 
  For QSO with own DXCC country: 1 point;
  For QSO with another DXCC country: 2 points;
  For QSO with CW-club members (M category), non-members receive : 2 points extra-bonus;
  For QSO between two CW-Club members (M category), they receive: 6 points extra-bonus.

  SWL category is awarded three points for a valid full QSO and 1 point for a QSO incomplete.

   Each different prefix worked will count one (1) multiplier on each band,  except all prefixes from own DXCC
   country who do not count as a multiplier.
   The final score is the result of the total QSO points on all bands multiplied with the sum of multipliers on all bands.

   For SWL category there multiplier.

    There is no need for you to calculate the score.This will done by the referee software.   
  9. Prizes
(For prize, please indicate in the Cabrillo log your complete MAIL and EMAIL address.)   
    All certificates will be put on the PCC contest web site (Results) as PDF files for downloading and printing (Soon).

    Click here for information about all PCC awards

10. Logs Instructions
  Only electronic logs, Cabrillo format. Times must be in UTC.

    All sent and received exchanges are to be logged. PCC will be made with total computerized control followed by each

    QSO computerized  analysis.

    EMAIL: The subject line of your e-mail entry must include your callsign and category or categories.

    e.g. Subject: YP0CW (M) ,YO8DOH (SO-HP & SO40) or YO4AAC (SO-QRP).

    Your output file should be named by your callsign.log, i.e. YP0CW.cbr or DL3KWF.log  
    The participants for two categories will send only one log with filenames: callsign.cbr or callsign.log.
    i.e: YO8DOH.cbr .In the e-mail of your log, please send the file(s) as attachement.
   The log must be sent only as an attachment, not as text or other content within the e-mail message.
    In the header part of the electronic log submission you MUST specify a category of entrance and the EMAIL address and
   the full mail address in order to receive PCC results, trophies, awards and certificates.
    Check logs are very much  appreciated, they are used for cross checking of all entries.Remarks: Contact is valid,
    if a time difference in both logs does not exceed 3 minutes. Please don't forget to set your computer's clock before the Contest!
    Awards, prizes and trophies will be sent to the home address indicated in the Cabrillo log.
    LOG SUBMISSION Logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format by e-mail to:
     Logs must received not later than 6 (six) days, first Saturday, after the contest end until 23:59 UTC .
     A confirmation will be sent to each entrant. Please follow the RECEIVED LOGS page.
     Backup e-mail: (use backup e-mail only in case you don't get a reply message in more than 24 hours)
      Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band. If the first contact between stations is valid, dupes
     have zero points value. If the first contact is not valid, second  (dupe) contact is accepted. Dupe contacts are not penalized,
     so DUPES should not be marked or deleted.

     Sample of Cabrillo imaginary log for CW-Club members (M category)

    START-OF-LOG: 2.0
  NAME: Prenume & Nume
    ADDRESS: Strada si Numar

    ADDRESS: Localitatea

     ADDRESS: Codul postal
    ADDRESS: Tara
    CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger V14.9.0

    QSO:   7031 CW 2016-12-03 1605 YP0CW         599  001/M       DL3KWF                 599  002/M       
    QSO: 28023 CW 2016-12-03 1616 YP0CW         599  002/M       YO4AAC/QRP         599  008

   Sample of Cabrillo imaginary log for Non-members category:    

    START-OF-LOG: 2.0
  First & Last Name
    ADDRESS:  Street and number
    ADDRESS:  City / Town
    ADDRESS:  Zip-code
    ADDRESS:  Country
    CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.4372.0

    QSO:   3512 CW 2016-12-03 1623 YO4AAC/QRP         599  001          DL3KWR        599  023/M   
    QSO: 14024 CW 2016-12-03 1625 YO4AAC/QRP         599  002          SD5Z              599  021

    Free Contest software that the PCC supports: 
    For N1MM+ Only here you can find the latest version of UDC files.
    PCC_NM.udc    ( for NON-MEMBERS : MO and SO categories)

    PCC_MEM.udc  ( for CW-CLUBS MEMBERS :  M category)


    You can use any contest program for CW mode, but do not forget to enter in the Cabrillo file, the name of the contest (PCC) and the
    abbreviations /M when it's the case, otherwise you lose points. It is not necessary to declare the score.
  12. Arbitration
If a competitor opts for a category to which the rules do not allow, the referee has the right to change the category according
     to the regulation.
       QSOs are not counted and excluded from the report in case of:
   - if the referee does not receive a Log report from a correspondent; (NoLog)
   - if QSO is not confirmed by the Log report of the correspondent; (NotInLog)
   - if there are miscounts in exchange numbers and callsigns, QSO is removed,
     (Bad callsign, receive error );
   - if the time of QSO differs for more than 3 minutes QSO is removed from both operators (except systematic computer errors).
   - if QSO bands or modes in entrant's log and other station's log are different
the QSO is removed (except systematic computer errors).
   - if the category is
MO the operator did not respect the 10 minutes on a band rule.

  13. Disqualification
   For cheating, imaginary loging and clear repetitive and intentional violation of the contest rules,
   or for the use of an inproper power to QRP category.

       The provisional results will be published on the site , on the first Sunday morning after the contest.

      Every participant who sends his electronic log will receive personal UBN-list, containing  his errors, and the list of stations from
      which we have not received log

      Contestations are accepted only on the first Sunday after the contest until 23:59 UTC.
      The final results will be published on the site, on the second Monday after the contest. Decisions of the referee are final.
           All awards will be send out in January-February next year the mail address and email specified in the Cabrillo log.
  15. Contest manager, referee and sponsor is YO2RR..     

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